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Why You Need a Customer Service Feedback Loop

One of the most important practices you can implement in your company is a customer service feedback loop between your customers and customer service.  I work with many wholesale distribution companies to set up concierge-style customer service programs, and there are clear benefits of having a feedback mechanism that you should understand and utilize.

Having a […]

By |April 26, 2018|
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An Easy Fix for Customer Churn in Distribution

If you’re like most distributors, you’ve probably lost touch with more than a few customers as the first quarter of 2018 comes to a close. Here’s an easy fix for customer churn in distribution.

The key to retaining customers, acquiring more customers who are like them, expanding revenue per customer, and increasing your profitability is knowing […]

By |March 28, 2018|
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Your Customer Service May Be Better Than You Think

Jeanne Hurlbert, President of Hurlbert Consulting Group discusses some of the data she has seen regarding satisfaction levels in customer service withRandy MacLean, President of WayPoint Analytics.

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In today’s market, conducting a customer survey can really bring a competitive edge to your distribution company. Surveys are used […]

By |March 19, 2018|

How Referrals and Online Reviews Boost Conversion and Retention

Obviously, it’s easier to reducing customer churn than it is to sell more products, so where should distributors be more keenly focused?

In a world where experts consistently say it is seven (or more) times more difficult to create a new customer than it is to sell more to existing customers, it’s obviously easier to reduce customer […]

By |March 8, 2018|

How to Give Customers What They Want and MORE, to Ensure Conversion, Retention, Referrals, and Profit

Things in wholesale distribution are tough these days — and they’re getting tougher.

Traditional industry challenges like slim profit margins, poor interdepartmental communication, and lack of data accuracy are paling in comparison to new, non-traditional challenges such as disintermediation, technological transformation, and increased threat from competitors (both traditional and nontraditional). These challenges have left many distributors struggling […]

By |February 19, 2018|

Generating Data to Find out How to Best Serve your Customers

It’s no secret in the distribution industry that customer loyalty is on the decline. It’s become harder than ever to compete with the big box stores, and the last thing you want to do is compete with them on price.

Instead, you need to compete in the areas where you already excel. Do more of what […]

By |January 31, 2018|

Getting the Whole Picture with Statistical Satisfaction Data

In past blogs, I’ve talked about the importance of garnering testimonials from your customers.  Testimonials work for you by providing both feedback from current customers for continual process improvement and social proof for prospective customers. This creates a strategy for securing the customers you already have by constantly improving the outstanding customer-centric service for your […]

By |January 16, 2018|

Answering the Two Most Important Questions in Becoming Customer-Centric

When it comes to increasing profit, companies know that it’s much easier to gain a greater share of an existing customer’s spend than it is to find a new customer.

But what if your customer retention is lacking? You can’t grow customer spend if you can’t hang on to your customers!

Do you ever wonder why some […]

By |December 17, 2017|