Concierge Customer Service (CCS) describes a level of service offered only to your most profitable customers. It plays a key role in retaining these valuable customers, penetrating your market, and converting your competitors’ clients in order to protect your profit.

Retention Beyond Your Top-Tier Customers

CCS works by providing your most profitable clients with a level of service that your competitors can’t give them, making it impossible for those competitors to wrest these customers away from you.

The mindset of CCS “trickles down” through your organization to change its very culture.

Because the system will provide feedback from customers at all levels of profitability, you will see retention benefits across the board. 

More Effective Market Penetration

A true CCS system includes a process to constantly garner customer feedback. You can ensure exceptional levels of customer satisfaction and continuous process improvement throughout your organization.

As the benefits of CCS become apparent, other customers—such as your marginal accounts—will want access to it. This gives you the opportunity to show them what actions they need to take to gain access to the higher-level service.

Those actions, of course, are the actions that will make those accounts profitable for you.

Remarkably Rapid Client Conversion

Instituting Concierge Customer Service will allow you to draw from your competitors the customers who resemble closely your most profitable customers. How? Because this exceptional level of service—a level your competitors can’t afford to match—becomes a potent sales tool for your team.

Attract and Convert More Prospective Customers!

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