The Mandate is Simple: To Survive and Thrive, You Must Become Customer-Centric! We’ll Show You How to …

Remember Eastman Kodak?  Remember Wang?

They failed to Adapt, and They Ceased to Exist.

Escape Their Fate By Becoming Customer-Centric.

The Importance of Being Customer-Centric

Look at the growth of the Chief Customer Officer (CCO) in business today. Whereas fewer than 20 companies worldwide employed a CCO in 2003, by 2015 more than 1 in 5 Fortune 100 companies, and over 1 in 10 Fortune 500 companies, had a CCO.

What does a CCO do? The same thing YOU must do, to ensure retention:

  • Understand who your customers are at the deepest level,

  • Build lasting relationships with those customers by providing top-level service that results in their undying loyalty, and

  • Continue to serve your customers at the highest possible level

Doing so WILL differentiate your company.

Seventy-three percent of senior marketing executives view customer-centric focus as critical, yet only eleven percent think their companies ARE customer-centric. Who’s going to get it done first? You, or them?

Can You Answer the Two Most Important Questions in Business?

1. What Do Your Customers Want?

2. How Well is Your Company Doing at Giving Them What They Want?

We’ll give you a simple, yet powerful way to answer both fundamental questions, and provide you with the statistical data to back it up.

Click here to take a quick assessment, and learn how well you’re doing!

Who We Serve:

What Our Clients Say:

“Through a recent social proof initiative they brought to us we secured 253 testimonials, with permission to use them; showed that 92% of our clients would recommend us and 92% were satisfied with DAKOTACARE. And . . .we were able to prove that over 96% of our clients were satisfied with the online enrollment process. All of this social proof is invaluable for our marketing and has helped us achieve record sales.”
Greg Jasmer, Chief Marketing Officer, DAKOTACARE©
“It’s been worth more than every dime that we paid. We have raised the marketing game of our company substantially, increased our close rate and substantially increased our presence in the marketplace. That has translated into real sales and big bottom line gains that I just couldn’t get any other way.”
Randy MacLean, President, WayPoint Analytics
“We had an urgent project to capture business demographic information from our customer base. Not only did Jeanne design and execute a survey to capture this data, she recommended an approach that provided tremendous added value from a product planning and marketing perspective. After the survey was completed she went out of her way to provide us with valuable insights into the results.”
Karen Davis, VP of Marketing, Empiricor, Inc.

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