Strong customer retention is dependent on your understanding customer satisfaction in a simple and profoundly different way. When you have the right data, you’ll know when your customers are satisfied with the extent to which you’re providing what they want most.

Remember, it doesn’t matter if you satisfy them in areas that are not important to them. To ensure loyalty, you must provide those things that are their most important.

First, Take a Fundamentally Different Approach to Satisfying Your Customers

It’s important that you bring a unique approach to measuring customer satisfaction and loyalty so that you may accurately and effectively:

  • Measure customer satisfaction in terms of customer wants, needs and priorities,
  • Tap into both general, overall and specific satisfaction, with the measures of specific satisfaction tailored to the characteristics of your business, so you can
  • Ensure continuous process improvement internally, while fueling your marketing externally, using 4 powerful forms of social proof:
    • Statistical satisfaction data,
    • Testimonials,
    • Case Studies, and
    • Online reviews.

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Second, Understand What Your Customers REALLY Want

It’s most important to know 1) who your best customers are and 2) what they really want.

Once you uncover the top concerns or priorities of your best customers, you’ll know EXACTLY how to delight them by delivering

  • The information your customers need and will consume eagerly,

  • The products or services they will clamor to buy, and

  • The marketing messages that will attract and then effortlessly convert prospects into customers and customers into raving fans, over and over again.

You’ll have a greater understanding of your customers’ satisfaction in a simple and profoundly different way:

Are your customers satisfied with the extent to which you’re providing what they want most? If not, you’ll know why and how to correct the situation. Remember, it only matters when you satisfy them in those areas that are most important to them.

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Customer fills in the feedback survey isolated on blue

Third, Serve Your Customers at the Highest Level

Craft the kind of service your customers want — service that will drive both retention and revenue.

By continually keeping your finger on the pulse of customer sentiment, you’ll be certain to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction, boost your customer retention level, and increase your revenue and profitability.

Our unique approach to understanding and crafting your customers’ experience has transformed the way in which our clients understand their customers, fuel their marketing efforts, increase their customer retention, and drive continuous process improvement.

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