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Jeanne Hurlbert, Ph.D.
Jeanne Hurlbert, Ph.D.Hurlbert Consulting
Jeanne Hurlbert, PhD is an experienced, articulate media guest and
public speaker who translates research into actionable, profitable business
strategies. Her first book, You Can’t Serve Them Well If You Don’t Know Them Well, was published by Norsemen Books.

Crafting a new business intelligence paradigm that melds data, analytics,
and marketing, Jeanne has been featured or quoted in such media as The
Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The LA Times, USA Today,
Oprah and Friends,,,,, US News and World Report, Radio-TV Interview Report,
Health, Smart Money, Nature, The Christian Science Monitor, National
Public Radio, The History Channel, ABC News Now, and Business Talk
This Morning.

Breaking the mold of traditional market research, Hurlbert Consulting
specializes in working with established wholesalers to target their key
customers, expand the amount of business they’re doing with them, and
attract more customers like them. They can identify the TOP indicators of
why profitable clients love working with a company, so the business can
increase sales to existing clients and attract more clients like them.

Jeanne is an expert in survey research, social networks, and “big data;” she specializes in working with established wholesalers to target their key customers, expand the amount of business they’re doing with them, and attract more customers like them.

She helps companies meld research and marketing, bringing big data strategies to businesses of all sizes by breaking the mold of traditional market research. Her clients have included Extra Space Storage, OneSource Distributors, The Tony Robbins Companies, Cox Media, CEG Worldwide, Vie Healthcare, and six New York Times bestselling authors.

Most Popular Speaking Topics

Or are you just not asking the right questions? Through our extensive work with North American wholesale distributors, we’ve identified a set of critical indicators that not only affect overall customer satisfaction, but also are proven to measurably affect customers’ decisions on whether they are going to buy from you or your competitors.

This session will empower the leadership of established distributors who want to become or remain market leaders. It will provide them with the key tools to ensuring top positions in the minds of the markets distributors are looking to serve.

  • 60-minute session (adjustable to suit your needs)
  • Shares why most companies don’t get the feedback they need, causing them to leave money on the table
  • Leaves audience with actionable strategies they can put to work right away to keep their most profitable customers and attract more customers like them
  • Shares techniques distributors can use right away to transform their customer service and fuel their marketing
  • Shows how the ‘democratization of data and analytics’ lets distributors meld data, analytics, and marketing

You can’t serve your customers well if you don’t know them well. As competition and disruption increase in wholesale distribution, some distributors find themselves inadvertently running scared.

The leaders in the wholesale market continuously innovate by capitalizing on the opportunities that disruptive environments deliver. How? By leveraging the key indicators that show them why key accounts start to buy and continue to buy, so they can serve those accounts at the highest level.

This session is particularly important for established, innovative distributors who want to scoop up the money that others are leaving on the table.

Learn how to give customers MORE by having the right mindset, taking ownership of what customers want, becoming notable and referable, as well as giving customers the experience they crave but sometimes have a hard time articulating.

  • 60-minute session (adjustable to suit your needs)
  • Audience will learn techniques they can put to work right away to keep key accounts and attract more accounts like them
  • Shares how to develop indicators to answer the two most important questions in business: What your customers want, and How well you’re giving them what they want
  • Shows how to avoid the money-wasting pitfalls of traditional market research by melding data, analytics, and marketing
  • It isn’t about beating gorillas like Amazon at their game; it’s about playing a different game to become the gorilla in your market
Are you fishing for customers in a sea full of grouper or a pond full of minnows?

Our work with wholesale distributors reveals that retaining existing customers, acquiring new customers, and increasing profitability stand as the top 3 priorities. But most distributors don’t have a system in place that provides the information required to achieve these most critical goals.

In this presentation, Jeanne will show you how to solve that problem by getting the data you need to answer the two most important, but ubiquitously unanswered questions in business: What do your current and prospective customers want, and How well are you giving current customers what they want. Jeanne will also reveal the most effective strategies for identifying the “honey holes” in your markets, where your most profitable prospects reside.

This session is particularly important for distributors who want to escape the increasing pressure of increased competition and compressed margins. Leave with an action plan for emerging as a leader in your market.

  • 60-minute session (adjustable to suit your needs)
  • Reveals how you can know what your customers’ top priorities are, so you can craft the content, marketing, and messaging that will retain your current customers and attract more prospective customers like them
  • Shows you how to generate the social proof that will help you convert those prospective customers quickly and easily
  • Shares how to find prospects in your market and evaluate their profitability
  • You will learn actionable strategies you can put to work right away to ensure you know where and how to attract and convert profitable customers

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