• Becoming customer centric

A Strategy Towards Becoming More Customer Centric

One of the byproducts of the increase in customer-centric companies has been the expansion of the Chief Customer Officer. In 2003, fewer than twenty companies in the world employed a Chief Customer Officer (CCO), but by 2015 more than 1 in 10 Fortune 500 companies and over 1 in 5 Fortune 100 companies had instituted […]

By |July 30, 2019|
  • customer service edge

The Edge Concierge Customer Service Gives You

In this age of uncertainty, one thing remains certain: Things are as tough and confusing for your customers as they are for you. Like you, they’re looking for an edge. They’re looking for a way to make things easier, to cut through the clutter, to do their jobs and stay in business, and maybe even […]

By |July 16, 2019|
  • Angry customer

The Erosion of Service

The art and science of customer service have become increasingly rare in American commerce. Any one of us can recount stories of poor—sometimes outrageously poor—customer service that not only left us frustrated but also engendered resentment toward the company that appeared to care so little about the customers who generate its profits.

Let’s review a fairly […]

By |July 2, 2019|
  • Industrial revolution

The Opportunity of Change

The world has been changing for distributors, but the world has always been shifting and changing for businesses. Here’s one example of past disruption and change, and how it impacted business, and how to sometimes see the “opportunity of change.”

Baron Rothschild, scion of the renowned banking family, gave the famously-macabre admonition to “buy when there […]

By |June 28, 2019|
  • Gates County North Carolina

Where This All Began For Me

Where all this began for me: Long before I earned a PhD or began working with wholesale distributors, I learned a lot about the power of connecting with customers growing up in a tiny town in rural North Carolina. My father, a country banker in the hamlet of Sunbury (in Gates County, North Carolina), saw […]

By |June 20, 2019|

Riding The Wave of Disruption in the Workplace

Does Any of This Sound Like Your Company?

You’re feeling margin pressures,
You’re suffering under escalating personnel costs,
You’re watching your best customers defect to competitors whom you know aren’t as good as your company is,
You feel your business model isn’t as relevant to the market as it was 10-20 years ago, or
Your […]

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  • The Benefits of Concierge Customer Service

The Benefits of Concierge Customer Service

Providing Concierge Customer Service can seem like a daunting, resource-intensive project.  Why would you want to implement this sort of system in your business?  What are the benefits of Concierge Customer Service that make it such an effective tool for retention and satisfaction?

The truth is that most companies are bad at customer service, but by […]

By |February 5, 2019|

Building Your Concierge Customer Service Team

Your most profitable accounts determine the survival of your business. These critical accounts require dedicated resources and responsive service. Even if you pride yourself on customer interactions, your top-tier, A+ service is not for every customer. Instead, concierge customer service is a tool. Used properly, a concierge customer service team improves internal efficiency, customer and […]

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