Providing Concierge Customer Service can seem like a daunting, resource-intensive project.  Why would you want to implement this sort of system in your business?  What are the benefits of Concierge Customer Service that make it such an effective tool for retention and satisfaction?

The truth is that most companies are bad at customer service, but by applying the benefits of Concierge Customer Service to your business, you distinguish yourself from your competition. Furthermore, according to the Harvard Business Review, differentiating yourself is the biggest predictor of success.

Concierge Customer Service enables you to work with your customers at a level your competitors cannot touch – they can’t match the value you’re bringing to those customers and won’t be able to challenge your business with those customers.

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If you can’t make your best customers feel better about your service, you are courting failure. Additionally, it is critically important your customers recognize they are receiving a higher level of service than they’d get from your competitors.

You cannot keep yourself sequestered in your boardroom and unilaterally decide what you think will make your customers happy. You need to be engaging with your customers – through your service and surveys – to learn how they want to be served and how to address the problems which keep them up and worried at night about their business. Fundamentally, if you know your customers well,  you can serve them well.

Knowing your customers well requires systematic and consistent data collection from the broadest customer base you have. This includes the customers who do not receive the benefits of Concierge Customer Service. By collecting data from the broadest base available, you will gain two tremendous benefits. First, you will be able to tailor your service to exactly what your customer wants. Second, you will be able to tailor your content creation to exactly what your customer needs.

Concierge Customer Service will give you a focused, targeted place for this information to be implemented first – your most profitable and critical accounts. While you want to set the bar for service high and treat every customer well, with the right data, you can set that bar even higher for your best, most profitable accounts.

Delivering a high level of service is invaluable when considering both retention and conversion. However, beyond retaining customers, once you have the information you need to serve any customer better than any of your competition, you can turn your sales force loose.  Your customer service becomes a selling and negotiating point that will attract new customers from your competitors and can reform and improve the profitability of existing customers.

If an existing customer sees the level of service a concierge-level customer receives and asks what they need to do to get that same service, your sales team has the leverage to implement the steps necessary for that existing customer to become more profitable to you.

At each step, Concierge Customer Service delivers information to serve and retain your best customers better than anyone else, and offers benefits your competition simply cannot match.


Dr. Jeanne Hurlbert, President of Hurlbert Consulting is an expert in sociology and survey research. After spending more than 25 years in academia, she now uses her extensive behavioral science expertise to help companies like yours distinguish yourselves through customer service. What sets her approach to customer service apart is that she begins by helping companies meld research and marketing to find out exactly

(a) what their customers want and

(b) how well they’re succeeding in giving customers what they want.

You can schedule a consult with her by going to; you can call her at 888-590-9677; or send an email here. And, if you’d like to complete her complimentary assessment to see how well you’re doing in knowing and serving your customers well, just go to